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Submit a Pearl for Eastern States Residency Conference
for Residents and Preceptors

On Tuesday, May 8 from 8:30 AM -12:00 PM there will be 10 pearl sessions with several encore presentations to provide more opportunities for participants to attend the sessions. We are asking that either PGY-1 OR PGY-2 residents, or preceptors volunteer to give a 10 minute presentation. Each resident or preceptor should submit only one pearl.

Pharmacists should submit:

·       Title of pearl

·       Category of pearl    

o    Clinical pearl (limited to presentation by residents)

o    Preceptor development pearl (limited to presentation by preceptors)  
NOTE: Preceptor pearls should focus on an area of preceptor skills such as clinical teaching roles, assessment of resident performance, providing effective feedback, or focus on residency quality improvement processes.

·       Statement of educational needs assessment (explain why the content is important to the audience)

·       Identification of planned active learning assessment (multiple-choice question, discussion, etc.)

·       Abstract of 150 words or less to provide a short summary of the pearl (Title, Needs Statement, Active Learning Assessment and Objectives do not contribute to the 150 word limit)
NOTE: Abstracts for resident clinical pearls should focus on the particular patient population involved (if applicable), the rationale for the pearl, and when to implement the pearl in practice or training.

·        Two knowledge-level objectives that are specific and measurable (see criteria for objectives)



What is a pearl and how is it different from traditional educational sessions?

From ASHP Mid-Year Meeting program guidelines: "The goal of each pearl presentation is to convey one idea, concept, or fact that has been useful in day-to-day practice, and may not be widely known, understood, published, or taught. Keep in mind that these presentations are not intended to be a review of literature. While it is expected that the information be grounded in fact (and may be derived from research), pearl presentations should be based on acumen and practice, not a review of papers."


‘Clinical or Preceptor pearls are best defined as small bits of free standing, clinically relevant information based on experience or observation. They are part of the vast domain of experience-based medicine, and can be helpful in dealing with clinical problems for which controlled data do not exist.’


Submit your pearl abstract to Laura Hobbs by February 1st. 

Authors of those abstracts selected for presentation will be notified by February 9th.

Slides for presentation must be submitted to Dr. Hobbs by February 28th for review.

Dr. Hobbs will review and return to the presenter any request for revision by March 7th.

Presenters will need to address any comments and make requested revisions by March 14th.


Your submission will be evaluated on:
Inclusion of required elements
Freedom from typing and grammar errors



Pharmacists selected to present their clinical or preceptor development pearls are required to submit to Laura Hobbs by February 28th the following items:

- Letter of agreement form

Conflict of interest disclosure form

Speaker’s CV with name and credentials

Activity planning instrument form

Presentation slides



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